Monday, April 11, 2011

WelCome BaCk to My World~

WOw Wow WoW~ More than two year I've stopped blogging~ All this year I've been in a very very busy life especially with my work... When i think back , I've been through alot of things working as a Tour Leader such as Traveling half the globe and met alot of different people and cultural , it really given me alot of happiness but in other hand i loses the time spending with family and friends.. So i really hope is not to late to recover it because I finally choosen to quited this job and enter to a different kind of level which is helping my brother's business , I really hope everything going to be ok and runs smoothly and ables' me to have more time.. WIsh Me Good Luck~ See Ya~

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Back...!!

Sorry guys for being so lazy to blog..hehe.. cause sometimes out of topic to type, thats why i stopped for some period... i hope you all still remember me...hehe actually today i've no topic either, but just to entertaint you guys I just drop few line k...hehe
Actually nothing much of special happened lately just I'm start working in a Travel Agency named Pan Euro Asia for about more than 2 weeks time...i find it quite challenging and fun too, cause everyone there very nice and like to talk crap..HAHAHA..but not always la, sure there will be some serious moment....If anyone want to go for a trip just drop by and let me know k...hahaha
Some more which is just happened two days ago which is one of my collegemate or my best friend got married , the couple looks really sweet...don't when is my turn to be like them...hahaha...following is the picture I've took during the dinner.... damn sad that I've all the activities during day time..haiz what todo... earn for living is like sad....T,T
Xeny , Ah Koo And Me...^^

Me and the couple...sweet sweet...

Me , Uncle Chung and Winni (leng lui )
Me and Winni...isnt she beautiful? hehe
New Friend I've met during the dinner... beside Xeny hehe

My lady boss Connie...and I

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Have you ever ask yourself a question which i " WHAT IS YOUR GOAL IN YOUR LIFE? " Cause this few day cause weather here also abit moody... makes me think alot about my past... but after yesterday my brother asked me that question... i think even more now, cause i was stunned during that time he ask me that question and i can't even answer his question...really felt very ashamed...haiz and yesterday night i can't sleep well cause keep thinking what i have and wanted to achieve...i already past 21year old la...!!! still so unmature and only want to have fun without achiving anything in my life...Actually my brother help me alot by waking me up from my 21 years of dream after he ask me that question and half hour of mumbling...hehe... At first i was very demotivated and it made me think so much till so headache, like why i still live doing nothing just to give people trouble... today i felt much more better already after i have seen so much in just a day...But still got alot of question marks sometimes...hehe I think i really need to find someone to answer all my this question mark in my head... but who? you told me...FAMILY? or FRIEND? cause everyone also have their own trouble... so demotivating sometimes rite? Just one expression to describe... SIGH!!!

But actually i still got one option that really helps alot alot which is pray to really helps me everytime i pray i will felt more calm and all things will seem to go its own way , if without GOD i think i couldn't have survived till now in this condition... So undiscriable just a Miracle...hehe

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bad Weather influent...

Lately SG weather really bad... make every people very lazy and emotional cause so moody and some even sick because of it...haiz I heard that SG every year oso like this during early of the year when reaching CNY... very stuffy and hot , so unpleasant... just look at the picture about this few day weather forecast bad T,T

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bye Bye 2007 , Welcome Year 2008...

So fast another year has just past us...Last year really lotz of good memories than bad ones.. this really need thanks to all my besties, THANK YOU!!! without you guys, i think my life will be very miserable...they always be my side during my ups and downs... even now im not with them right now, they still cares about me...See so good they are ( so touching ) just one word to describe them which is PERFECT!! But this year really feel so sad cause can't celebrate new year with them..haiz... but don't worry , i'll be back Epoh soon very soon..Yeahoo!!! Which is on the lunar new year...last year CNY we really had alot of fun... really don't know what is plan for this year...i hope there will be another nice year.... Happy New Year Everyone!!! i know is abit late...don't "Hiam" k... cause busy working mah...hehe, i hope you all dont mind k....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wat a nice Day.... ^^

Yesterday is one of my best day from this past few month in SG, cause yesterday i have a great nite with my colleague , we all went to KTV and have fun till drop...haha somemore today i no need to work and i have a great time...hahahaha!!

Wa..i've been tagged by Jamie so now is my time to tagged others hehe..

The rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules..
2 .List eight (8) random facts about yourself then tag eight(8) people..
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1. i love Mos Burger...feel like eating now...
2. i cant wait to hangout with my besties...
3. i want to take i long long rest without any disturbance...
4. i misses my dog very much..
5. so obsessed with shopping...
6. craving for chocolates....
7. feeling like want to go for a great massage...
8. feels bored at the moment...
and now i tag:
Kok Seng
Thian Hoe

guess thats all...i only have 6 which is available for me to tag T,T the rest Someone tagged liao...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So Stressfull....

First of all i want to said sorry to all my frens for long time dint update my blog , cause busy ma.. i think you all wont get angry k...hehe

Time passes very fast , cant imagine almost three month i have been here ( Singapore ) ... The life style here is very efficient and fun...but sometimes very stressfull too especially when i start working in a Hotel...haiz So if you looking for a job don't choose to work in a Hotel industry...hehe

This three months really got alot of ups and downs... what good is my life still going very fine ( Thank God! ) and what bad is i'm very stressful and busy working until lose track with my frens...hehe , sorry again ah...i hope you all understand me k? i sure know you all " hou yau yan sing geh " am i rite? hehe

I think the days coming i will be more busy and lazy to update my blog cause next month you know la..Festive month , sure work until drop...haiz
really don't what will happen to me then...I really hope everything can run smoothly , wish me Good Luck k...hehe And those of my frens taking exam next month i wishes you all good luck k ;> i will pray for you all k...Hav A nIce Day too....